Placenta with VE and Aloe Vera cream

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Enriched with ovine placenta to rejuvenate aged skin minimize fine lines, wrinkles and protect your skin against the harsh elements. Lanolin penetrates deep into the skin layers and creates a barrier to lock in moisture for longer. The Vitamin E can help to firm and plump the skin while the Aloe Vera is a natural anti-bacterial, that can help with acne and scarring.



Apply to face and neck morning and night using gentle circular motions. Do not use if you are allergic to wool.



Ovine placenta , Isopropyl myristate , Paraffin , Stearic Acid , Vitamin E , Anhydrous lanolin , Glycerine , Aloe Vera extract , Triethanolanmine , Mineral oil , Carbopol ,Dizolidinyl urea.


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